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Prato della Valle

Padova Prato della Valle

The city of Padua is truly worth a visit. You’ll be able to admire one of the largest squares in Europe: Piazza Prato della Valle. It boasts a surface area of 88620 square metres.

This elliptical piazza has become a symbol of the city. It is surrounded by a gully with a double ring of statues. In ancient times the piazza was already known as a commercial and exhibition area, and then it gradually became a true town centre. It is said that St. Anthony would recite his sermons in this square, because it was a crossroads of knowledge, with pedestrians coming and going and a meeting spot for many leisure activities.

The name "Prato della Valle" goes back before Memmo's reconstruction (1775).

The large size of this square allowed the city to collect and stagnate large quantities of water, so looked like a "valley", which is why the square was called “Lawn of the Valley.”

We suggest visiting Prato della Valle and promenading through several passages, so that you may enjoy the architectural beauty of the square and its history throughout the centuries. As you look up you can also admire the historical buildings that stand around the square.

Today the Prato is a commercial and entertainment outdoor venue. Every Saturday the traditional market of Padua takes place here and the square can host hundreds of spectators for shows and concerts.